Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Albums of 2011: The Complete

JazzWrap revisits a great year of discoveries in 2011.

It was another great year of music and new discoveries for us here in the JazzWrap office. So much so that I didn't get a chance to write about all of them over the last week. So I at least wanted to make sure I listed them as much as I could.

None of these are any particular order. I really only decide on my top two absolute favourites and then let the rest lay where they may. (yeah, I know it's kind of pretentious; but so what! :-)

So here's the list of our favourites and frequently spun albums during 2011.

Jakob Bro: Time
Kris Davis: Aeriol Piano
Lars Fiil Kvartet: Reconsideration
Alog: Unemployed
Kevin Brow: Dolls & Guns
A Giraffe: Under A Table
ASA Trio: Plays The Music Of Thelonious Monk
Daniel Levin: Inner Landscape
Licak & Tuznik Quintet
Sunna Gunnlaugs: Long Pair Bond
Ken Fowser/Behn Gillece Quintet: Duotone
Equilibrium: Walking Voices
Nicole Mitchell: Awakening
Hugo Carvalhais: Nebulosa
John Escreet
Travis Reuter: Rotational Templates
Anne Mette Iversen: Milo Songs
Klang: Other Doors
Michael Dessen: Forget The Pixel
Kit Downes Trio: Quiet Tiger
Julio Resende: You Taste Like A Song
Jachna/Buhl: Unfinished Books
The Necks: Mindset
Otso Lahdeoja: Yonder
Danny Fox Trio: The One Constant
1982 Trio: Pintura
Tonbruket: Dig It To The End