Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Title: Brett Garsed & T.J. Helmerich - Exempt
Year: 1994
Gene: Jazz Fusion
Label: Legato Records
Format FLAC

1. Horizon Dream
02. Yerba Buena Bells
03. Miranda
04. Letters from Home
05. Then a Crow Came Out
06. Mr. Banacreas
07. Exempt
08. Lonely Guy
09. Loch Rannoch
10. Rikki Strange
11. Tomorrow
12. Carried Away

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Keith Jarrett - Standards, Vol 2

Artist: Keith Jarrett
Title: Standards, Vol.2
Label: ECM Records
Catalog: ECM 1289, 825 015-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: Germany
Recorded at Power Station, New York,
New York in January 1983.
Released: 1985
Genre: Jazz
Style: Post Bop, Contemporary Jazz
Source: Original CD
Size: 225 MB

Extractor: EAC 0.99 prebeta 4
Used drive : HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-E10L
Read mode : Secure
Utilize accurate stream : Yes
Defeat audio cache : Yes
Make use of C2 pointers : No
Codec: Flac 1.2.1; Level 8
Image File.flac, Eac.log,
Accurately ripped (confidence 14)


1. So Tender (K. Jarrett) 7.15 -
2. Moon And Sand (A. Wilder/W. Engvick/M. Palitz) 8.55 -
3. In Love In Vain (J. Kern/L. Robin) 7.06 -
4. Never Let Me Go (R. Evans/J. Livingston) 7.42 -
5. If I Should Lose You (R. Rainger/L. Robin) 8.29 -
6. I Fall In Love Too Easily (S. Cahn/J. Styne) 5.12


Keith Jarrett (piano);
Gary Peacock (bass);
Jack DeJohnette (drums).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Esbjorn Svensson Trio Plays Monk

Artist Esbjorn Svensson Trio
Title: Plays Monk
Source: Original CDDA
Recorded: 1996
Year Of Release: 2000
Record Label: Act Music+ Vision
Genre: Jazz
Style: Post-Bop Contemporary Jazz
Number of Discs 1
Size: 274 Mb

Track Listings
1. I Mean You
2. Criss Cross
3. 'Round Midnight
4. Bemsha Swing
5. Rhythm-A-Ning
6. In Walked Bud
7. Little Rootie Tootie
8. Eronel
9. Evidence
10. Crepuscle With Nellie

Monday, August 22, 2011

Allan Holdsworth - Road Games (1983)

Road Games is an EP by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, released in 1983 through Warner Bros. Records on vinyl only; a CD edition was reissued through Gnarly Geezer Records in 2001, although to this day Holdsworth claims to have received no royalties from either release. This is one of his least favourite recordings, due to numerous creative differences with executive producer Ted Templeman. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1984 for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

Year: 1983

Label: Globe Music Media

Format: FLAC
Jeff Berlin: Bass
Jack Bruce: Vocals
Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Paul Korda: Backing Vocals
Joe Turano: Backing Vocals
Chad Wackerman: Drums
Paul Williams: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

1. Three Sheets To The Wind
2. Road Games
3. Water On The Brain-Pt. 2
4. Tokyo Dream
5. Was There?
6. Material Real

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Larry Carlton - Strikes Twice (1981)

Strikes Twice was originally released in 1980, and I have owned it on vinyl and the reissued CD. It was recorded back when Larry's quitar style and music bordered on Jazz-Rock-Blues fusion, which I love and which is the basic sound on this album. But I rarely listened to it until the CD and computers came along, which lets me remove & reorder tracks easily. My main problem with Strikes Twice has always been with 2 of the 3 tracks featuring Larry singing: The Magician (#4) and In My Blood (#7), both of which I feel are ruined by his vocals. But, I do like Ain't Nothin' For a Heartache (#2) which also has Larry singing. Contrary to the earlier reviewer, I do not like the all the guitar work on Springville (#5), which borders at times on being noise rather than music (my ears). Other than tracks #4, 5, & 7, the rest of the album is excellent and typical of Larry back in those days (1980).....if you enjoy his 1978 self titled album "Larry Carlton" you will enjoy "Strikes Twice" too. In conclusion, I like only 5 of the 8 tracks, which for me means this album is good or not bad, but certainly not great.

Carlton is one of these guys who practices constantly. I've heard tell that he'll walk around the house wearing his guitar and blowing scales -- and will even sit eating lunch with one hand and hammer on patterns on the neck with the other. This release showcases not only some of his more pyrotechnical playing, but also some of his most tuneful and hip playing as well. Check out "Springville" for sheer, over-the-top with-the-changes screamin' guitar soloing. Long live Larry!
 Track List
01. Strikes Twice

02. Ain't Nothin' For A Heartache

03. Midnight Parade

04. The Magician

05. Springville

06. Mulberry Street

07. In My Blood

08. For Love Alone


Format : FLAC

Format/Info : Free Lossless Audio Codec

Friday, August 19, 2011

Casiopea - Mint Jams (1982)

Casiopea was the debut album of the jazz fusion group Casiopea released in 1979. The album showed two racecars racing each other on a raceway.

Recorded between December 1978 and March 1979, "Casiopea" is Casiopea's self-titled debut album. The Album's release date, May 1979, marked a strong beginning in their Career, and even though the lineup in the band didn't remain as such, and some of the members were replaced a couple of years later, the band had already the sound that becomes its trademark in later albums, a sound provided by Frontman and Guitarist Issei Noro as well as Keyboardist Minoru Mukaiya, both of which are Original, Never Replaced, members of Casiopea. The album includes the participation of some notable contemporary Jazz players as David Sanborn on the Saxophone, giving a special touch to Issei Noro's compositions, tunes like Black Joke are part of the multiple performances and variances along Casiopea's career. In some of Casiopea's Later Albums, Black Joke and Midnight Rendezvous are 2 songs that Casiopea sometimes Re-records, and Performs, in different Variations.
"Casiopea" is an excellent debut album that absolutely will guide New Casiopea fans to their vast career. The album is undoubtedly a good point to start up, and it's important to remark that the band started to tour in Japan very early and an album in live was launched just a year later of their formation, being Casiopea's debut album a historic point of reference.
The Casiopea discography has become very collectible, the band is not as popular as many Jazz bands but counts with thousands of fans around the world. This album was recorded on LP in 1979 as ALR-6017 and years later in 1986 on CD under the 32XA-104 catalog numbers, being the first editions on both LP and CD.

Title : Mint Jams
Year: 1982
Genere: Jazz Fusion
Label: Sony

Track List
01. Take Me
02. Asayake
03. Midnight Rendezvous
04. Time Limit
05. Domino Line
06. Tears of the Star
07. Swear

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ornella Vanoni - Ornella e (1986)

Complete name : Ornella Vanoni - Ornella &/Musics/01 Amarsi un po.flac
Format : FLAC
Format/Info : Free Lossless Audio Codec
Album : Ornella e...

 TracK LisT
01. L'ultima occasione
02. Ma l'amore no
03. Nel cielo dei bar
04. Occhi di ragazza
05. Poesia
06. Se stasera sono qui
07. Si' viaggiare
08. Ti ricorderai
09. Una sigaretta
10. Amarsi un po’
11. Amore baciami
12. Ancora
13. Aria
14. Canzone per te
15. Chissa' se lo sai
16. E penso a te
17. Il mondo
18. La donna cannone
19. La notte dell'addio
20. La voce del silenzio

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Larry Carlton - Fingerprints

Titolo: Fingerprints
Anno: 2000
Genere: Jazz
Etichetta: Warner Bros / Wea

Everyone is grateful to have Larry Carlton among us, a gifted and imaginative guitarist who survived a gunman's bullet in 1988. Sometimes, though, we wish the old Larry Carlton were still with us, the spark-spraying fusionist whose nimble flights of fancy electrified recordings by the Crusaders and Steely Dan ("Kid Charlemagne" from Royal Scam) as well his own solo works throughout the 1970s and into the mid-1980s. The appeal of the smooth-jazz gravy train has defused much of Carlton's incendiary inventiveness, a conviction reinforced by the unruffled textures etched into Fingerprints, Carlton's 20th career recording. Those textures, though, are faithful to the album's apparent intent--to create a velvety-smooth soundtrack for late-night romance. No jarring oddities here, just sweetness and seduction throughout. Guests include smooth-jazz vets Abraham Laboriel, Kirk Whalum on sax, Jerry Hay on horns, Michael McDonald for a lone vocal track ("'Til I Hurt You"), and Vince Gill, who duets transparently on "Gracias." The pick of the litter: the closing track, "Crying Hands," an expressive bit of slow-dance finesse that merits repeated listenings. --Terry Wood

  01. Fingerprints
02. Silky Smooth
03. The Storyteller
04. 'Til I Hurt You
05. Slave Song
06. All Thru The Night
07. Lazy Susan
08. Chicks With Kickstands
09. Gracias
10. Crying Hands

Format : FLAC
File size : 33.4 MiB
Duration : 4mn 57s
Overall bit rate : 941 Kbps
Album : Fingerprints
Performer : Larry Carlton
Genre : Fusion

Saturday, August 13, 2011

John Coltrane Live in ’60, ’61 & ‘65 (2007)

John Coltrane Live in ’60, ’61 & ‘65 (2007)
DVD-9 | NTSC | ISO | 4:3 (720x480) | MPEG-2, ~3.5 MBps | 96 min | All Regions | 5.4 GB | Scans
English | Black & White | LPCM 2.0, 1536 KBps | RAR 3 %
Genre: Jazz

On the new Jazz Icons John Coltrane DVD that covers five years in Coltrane’s career as a recording leader, John's entire recording career -- both as a side man and leader - comprised a brief 12 years. Even with this brief recording career, his monumental impact in the jazz world as a tenor stylist is still felt today.


(Germany, 1960)

01. On Green Dolphin Street
02. Walkin'
03. The Theme
04. Autumn Leaves / What's New / Moonlight in Vermont
05. Hackensack

(Germany, 1961)

06. My Favourite Things
07. Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye
08. Impressions

(Belgium, 1965)

09. Vigil
10. Naima
11. My Favourite Things


John Coltrane
Eric Dolphy
McCoy Tyner
Reggie Workman
Elvin Jones
Wynton Kelly
Paul Chambers
Jimmy Cobb
Oscar Peterson
Stan Getz

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Puppini Sisters - Betcha Bottom Dollar

Quality/Bitrate: FLAC
Mode: 8, Best Compression / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Length: 41:29 Minuti; Dimensione cartella: 247.12 Mb
No log; Cover e Cue: presenti
M3u: presente

01. Sisters
02. Mr. Sandman
03. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (from Company C)
04. Java Jive
05. Bei Mir Bist du Schön
06. Wuthering Heights
07. Jeepers Creepers
08. I Will Survive
09. Tu Vuo Fa L`Americano
10. Heart of Glass
11. Sway
12. Panic
13. Heebie Jeebies
14. In the Mood

Monday, August 1, 2011


Label: Atlantic
Recorded: 4 February 1959
Released :1960
Mingus explained the birth of this record in the album's liner notes:
This record is unusual—it presents only one part of my musical world, the blues. A year ago, Nesuhi Ertegün suggested that I record an entire blues album in the style of Haitian Fight Song (in Atlantic LP 1260), because some people, particularly critics, were saying I didn't swing enough. He wanted to give them a barrage of soul music: churchy, blues, swinging, earthy. I thought it over. I was born swinging and clapped my hands in church as a little boy, but I've grown up and I like to do things other than just swing. But blues can do more than just swing. So I agreed.
1."Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting" – 5:39
2."Cryin' Blues" – 4:58
3."Moanin'" – 8:01
4."Tensions" – 6:27
5."My Jelly Roll Soul" – 6:47
6."E's Flat Ah's Flat Too" – 6:37

Charles Mingus – bass
John Handy – alto sax
Jackie McLean – alto sax
Booker Ervin – tenor sax
Pepper Adams – baritone sax
Jimmy Knepper – trombone
Willie Dennis – trombone
Dannie Richmond – drums
Horace Parlan – piano, except for "E's Flat Ah's Flat Too"
Mal Waldron – piano on "E's Flat Ah's Flat Too"