Sunday, August 21, 2011

Larry Carlton - Strikes Twice (1981)

Strikes Twice was originally released in 1980, and I have owned it on vinyl and the reissued CD. It was recorded back when Larry's quitar style and music bordered on Jazz-Rock-Blues fusion, which I love and which is the basic sound on this album. But I rarely listened to it until the CD and computers came along, which lets me remove & reorder tracks easily. My main problem with Strikes Twice has always been with 2 of the 3 tracks featuring Larry singing: The Magician (#4) and In My Blood (#7), both of which I feel are ruined by his vocals. But, I do like Ain't Nothin' For a Heartache (#2) which also has Larry singing. Contrary to the earlier reviewer, I do not like the all the guitar work on Springville (#5), which borders at times on being noise rather than music (my ears). Other than tracks #4, 5, & 7, the rest of the album is excellent and typical of Larry back in those days (1980).....if you enjoy his 1978 self titled album "Larry Carlton" you will enjoy "Strikes Twice" too. In conclusion, I like only 5 of the 8 tracks, which for me means this album is good or not bad, but certainly not great.

Carlton is one of these guys who practices constantly. I've heard tell that he'll walk around the house wearing his guitar and blowing scales -- and will even sit eating lunch with one hand and hammer on patterns on the neck with the other. This release showcases not only some of his more pyrotechnical playing, but also some of his most tuneful and hip playing as well. Check out "Springville" for sheer, over-the-top with-the-changes screamin' guitar soloing. Long live Larry!
 Track List
01. Strikes Twice

02. Ain't Nothin' For A Heartache

03. Midnight Parade

04. The Magician

05. Springville

06. Mulberry Street

07. In My Blood

08. For Love Alone


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