Friday, April 1, 2011

Bebel Gilberto [2004]

Genre – Latin Jazz
Styles – Brazilian Pop, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Traditions
Time – 47:47

Although Bebel Gilberto has been writing, performing, and recording since her childhood, this is only her second full-length solo album. The child of Brazilian legend João Gilberto and the celebrated singer Miucha, she comes by her musical talent honestly, but has honed and developed it carefully over the years, being careful not to overexpose herself or peak too early; as a result, she now emerges as a mature and fully developed singer despite her relative youth. Her eponymous sophomore effort is a delightfully warm and unaffected program of Brazilian pop, much (but not all) of it in a fairly traditional bossa nova style. There are electronic elements in the mix, but they are mostly kept in the background; instead of aggressive electronica or superimposed breakbeats, the instrumental accompaniment is mostly woven from organic percussion, acoustic guitars, bass, and piano. This all serves to keep one’s attention where it belongs: on Gilberto’s sweet, rich voice and her gorgeous melodies. Highlights include the lovely "Aganjú," the gently heartbroken "Every Day You’ve Been Away," and the lilting, almost funky "Cada Beiju." Very highly recommended.

01. Simplesmente
02. Aganjú
03. All Around
04. River Song
05. Every Day You’ve Been Away
06. Cada Beijo
07. O Caminho
08. Baby
09. Céu Distante
10. Winter
11. Jabuticaba
12. Next To You

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